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packaging-2.jpgBowls are hand-turned from trees that grew on the Yale University campus. Each is unique in its size and shape. Products include platters, plates, bowls and lidded boxes.  Live edge and finished edge bowls are available.  Each bowl is numbered relative to the total number of bowls produced from that wood source. A certificate with the history, location and age of the tree is also included.  The bowl is shipped in a gift box with Yale blue and white packaging material.

These bowls are excellent gifts for anyone who loves Yale University and has memories of walking under the shade of its majestic trees. Each is a uniquely crafted opportunity to own a piece of University history that will find a proud place in your home or office. The quantity of our bowls is limited by the small number of trees that are annually removed from campus. 

Unless otherwise indicated, bowls are for decorative use and not for food service.