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Jolly jolly are the days;

'Neath the elms;

'Neath the elms of dear old Yale.”

                    H. Baldwin (1871)

Yale’s campus is graced with hundreds of trees, from the stately elms on Old Campus to the mature oaks that line Hillhouse Avenue. These trees are an integral part of the University’s beauty, history and tradition, and in some cases as old as the Colleges where they grew.  

Unfortunately these historic trees must sometimes be removed from their prominent place on campus. When trees are cut, we gather the wood and use it to make wooden bowls and premium collector pens that preserve the memory and grandeur of these iconic trees.

This is a unique opportunity to own a piece of University history that will give beauty and distinction to your home or office.  These pieces also make excellent gifts.  Each bowl is one of a kind and individually numbered. The premium pens are of limited edition.  

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